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GVM Quarterhorses is an A.Q.H.A. halter horse facility located in the small rural town of Clifford Michigan.  We maintain between 2 and 6 high quality AQHA halter horses at our facility because we believe in the quality of our horses not the quantity.  We strive to keep small numbers of some of the best horses available rather than large numbers of average horses.  This concept has worked extremely well for us as you will see from our accomplishments and show records throughout our site. 

We built our new barn in 1995, which was built for the comfort of our horses and for our convenience!  It is a thermostatically controlled radiant heated barn with 6 pine stalls that have removable centers to accommodate our foaling mares.  We have white ceiling fans on a white lowered ceiling to circulate air throughout the year to keep a moderate temperature and to help maintain a bright environment.  This barn has a new closed circuit cordless monitoring system that relays to monitors throughout the house so that we can view our mares at all times without having to disturb them.  The barn is equipped with a Zenith surround sound stereo system, wireless intercom, wireless phone, and video surveillance security system.  Both ends of the barn have newly installed screen doors to keep insects out as much as possible while allowing maximum air circulation for the comfort and safety of our horses.  Our lighting system is on 16 hours a day 365 days a year.  We also have a small refrigerator to keep beverages supplied for visitors whom you will see visiting us regularly at the barn!  It is quite relaxing in the summer time!  We welcome all visitors ~ but look out ~ we might just hand you a lead rope or a brush!  

Show Barn Aisle Show Barn Aisle - Winter 

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We are very proud of our horses and are focusing once again on our show horses.  Having only 1 broodmare (but one of the best in the country) who had an exceptional filly 3/15/03 by Multiple World Champion Noble Tradition, we are showing quite extensively and successfully again this year. 

 We have shown horses for 30+ years, like many people starting at a local level and through determination and wanting to improve our stock have shown strictly AQHA horses since 1992 and shown strictly AQHA approved shows since 1996.  We have enjoyed showing and winning all across the United States and Canada and have met some wonderful people and look forward to crossing trails with all of you again! 

We are having fun seeing everyone again while showing so far this summer and look forward to meeting new friends during show season 2003!

Monica & Gavin

AQHA Honor Roll Halter Mare Buckle

GVM Quarterhorses
5380 Marlette Road
Clifford, MI  48727

"Quantity is what you can count, Quality is what you can count on"

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