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 (and some necessities-some photos have mouse over effects) 

truck.jpg (10842 bytes) This was our old truck.  

 trucksid.jpg (35072 bytes) truckfrntqtr.jpg (41797 bytes) This is our new truck.  Basically same truck just 2 years newer!  

  trlrlfront.jpg (7622 bytes) redtrlrgif.gif (156324 bytes)

4 star 4 horse w/living quarters - I can not say enough about the 4 star trailer - we went through 3 trailers trying to find one that was of good quality - this is definitely it.  We have  had no problems with this trailer since we purchased it and this trailer was on the road HARD during 1998 when we earned the AQHA Honor Roll titles.  We are definitely lifetime customers of 4 Star!

 trlrprofilejpg.gif (69869 bytes)

redandtrlrprfl.jpg (21907 bytes)                           

Our old farm truck - 1984 F-350 w/460 cie 

4whlr.jpg (16107 bytes) 

Our 4 wheeler is actually red - but the same thing- Honda Foreman 400 4X4 5 wheeler - what a lifesaver!  Thank goodness for modern conveniences!  

   KX500.jpg (43369 bytes)   P1010086.JPG (58812 bytes) SOLD

Gavin's dirt bike - Kawasaki KX-500 

moped.jpg (10658 bytes) mopedprfl.jpg (25487 bytes) Yamaha Razz 

This little thing was a great investment!  Saves a lot of time for doing entries in the morning at those shows when you are stalled a long way from the entry booth!  Or when you just stayed up to late the night before and don't want to walk! And friends have been known to take it around the tracks at some shows trying to race!  

"The harder you work, the luckier you get"

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